Our digital universe will grow by a factor of 10 from 2013 to 2020 – 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion. It more than doubles every two years. User generated data makes up about 70% of the digital universe; a large part of which is sitting in our photo galleries. Crunch is the industry's first intelligent gallery that reduces the size of photos by up to 6x and videos by up to 50% while maintaining the same perceptible quality as the original. Share more of life's precious moments.
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Chat with bite size content from around the web! Touch the ChatBite icon on anything you see to start a conversation or contribute to an existing one. Any content you invoke ChatBite from is automatically referenced in conversations. Communicate around sports, news, movies and music. Exchange shopping tips with ease and buy directly from your favorite brands.
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Shoppin is a vibrant community of consumers and businesses that makes shopping a personal, fun and rewarding experience. Search for products and services, comparison shop or discover deals from brands you are loyal to. Share shopping ideas seamlessly with family and friends without losing context and get their opinion about a product you're looking to buy. Make informed buying decisions by interacting with fellow shoppers and businesses. Get rewarded for promoting products you love in your own channel or for buying from friends.
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